Rookie Emanuel Neagu and four-time “Challenge” competitor Tula “Big T” Fazakerley didn’t have any bad blood during “Spies, Lies and Allies” The two recently clashed on social media after Big T reacted to some of Emanuel’s comments about her.

During Big T’s final episode, viewers saw Emanuel and Emy Alupei speaking about Emanuel’s decision to vote Big T into elimination. Emanuel told his fellow rookie, “I voted for Big T because in my eyes, Big T doesn’t deserve to be here.”

Big T was asked about his comments in an Instagram Q&A and she posted a long reply saying that she found his comments hurtful because she gave her heart and soul to every season she appeared on.

Just because Emanuel is a good competitor physically does not mean that he has the right to act self-entitled. It’s this kind of attitude and commentary that I really don’t like. I think people need to humble themselves and stay in their lane.

She also wrote that she believes cast members should stick to being cast members and leave the decisions about who deserves to be cast to the production team. Big T also called out Emanuel, saying she wasn’t sure what he brought to the show apart from “being desperate to have a showmance with anyoneeee to guarantee his call back.”

Acting as a person who knows everything in a game show can be dangerously futile. Everyone here should have an equal stand on things. Getting swayed by malice would not do any cast members good and hence everyone must know their place.

Anirban Biswas

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