Alice Sebold wrote “The Lovely Bones,” which was adapted into a successful Hollywood film. She had another project in the works. Based on her true crime book, “Lucky,” the film was a biographical account of the author’s life. Sebold said she was attacked and raped by Anthony Broadwater in 1981, which she wrote about in the book.

After being picked up to be adapted into a film, the project’s executive producer started the fact-checking process for the movie. Tim Mucciante uncovered several holes in the account given by Sebold. He hired a local private investigator and an attorney to dig further. According to The Blast, the search led to the exoneration of Broadwater.

“He even went as far as to hire a private eye and a lawyer to dive a little deeper into the story. His hunch was right because it led to local D.A. reopening the 1982 case leading Broadwater to be exonerated.

He had already spent over 15 years in prison and even though he was released in 1999, he shares that his life has been a travesty since because of the rules and stigma following an alleged convicted sexual offender.”

Actress Victoria Pedretti was set to play a role in the upcoming film version of “Lucky.” Now, she has pulled out of the project. Financing for the movie has also fallen completely out from under the producers. It sounds like this movie will never be made.

Alice Sebold has not commented on the exoneration of Anthony Broadwater. Earlier this month, an emotional Broadwater reacted as Judge Gordon Cuffy overturned his 40-year-old rape conviction. He was released in 1999 but was forced to continue to register as a sex offender. His record is now clean.

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Michael Perry

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