Miley Cyrus thinks a screenshot of her smoking a bong from 11 years ago should be made into a national holiday. On the anniversary of the emergency of the viral photo, the singer joked about the incident on her Instagram. She shared the original pic and said she thought the occasion was worth celebrating on a large scale.

The leaked video showed then barely-18 Miley smoking Salvia out of the bong. She said she was having a bit of a bad trip. She had to apologize to fans. Now, she’s embraced her teenage silliness.

“11 years ago. [Smoke Emoji]

Can we petition for a national holiday?”

Last year, Miley Cyrus celebrated the 10th anniversary of the viral smoking video. She also commemorated the event on Instagram, along with a reflection on the triviality of the moment. She remembered it like it was yesterday, sort of.

Happy 10 year anniversary to the groundbreaking video of a teenager smoking a bong & saying dumb sh*t to their friends. (Not sure the director of this fine film should be considered a “friend” but…) Time really flew by. I remember this like it was yesterday….. J/K I don’t remember sh*t cause I was f*cked the hell up.

Despite the controversy, Miley Cyrus has done just fine for herself. The singer has racked up tons of Billboard hits. Nobody seems to have judged her for the teenage indiscretion.

Michael Perry

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