Victoria Pedretti (Love) is leading lady in “You” and Dylan Arnold (Theo) plays a supporting role as Pedretti’s secondary love interest. Both have amazing chemistry in the show and apparently are rumored to be dating in real life.

Netflix’s popular thriller “You” Season Three is about two serial killers starting a family. While they are at it, they kill a dozen people. You know, just serial killer things. Arnold plays an innocent college struck who is head over heels for Pedretti.

Could that also be true in real life? Rumors have been swirling that the co-stars are an item for weeks. The couple were seen grocery shopping together as well as entering the same house with tooth brush and other toiletries. Those are couple things!

The rumors first came out of Instagram blind item deuxmoi. The couple have made several appearances since then that may point towards the rumor being true. A fan also commented that they saw the two grabbing lunch together. The blind item submission said:

The item had the subject line “New Cute Couple: You.”
“Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold (guy who plays Theo in S3 of YOU) are dating and she’s pretty crazy about him!!”

As viewers of the show know, Theo gets to have several escapades with Love and the two share a special bond with one another. The affair also gets quite raunchy in the series. If you are wondering why their on-screen chemistry feels so real, it may be because the two might be dating in real life.

Shifa Jahan

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