SpaceX is apparently trying to pull a real life Armageddon, and it’s all part of the plan. A SpaceX rocket took off into space on Tuesday in a mission to travel for a whole year. The end game for the rocket is to literally crash into an asteroid with the hopes of saving the Earth.

Don’t worry, the Earth is not in grave danger from an asteroid, yet. According to TMZ, the NASA commissioned SpaceX, which is helmed by billionaire Elon Musk, aims to examine whether the Falcon 9 rocket is capable of changing the trajectory of the rocket at all.

The threat of asteroids to our planet is very real. As an asteroid wiped out almost all life on Earth 66 million years ago, it could happen again. Scientists at SpaceX want to insure that if such a threat could ever arise again, Earth is prepared with its defenses intact.

DART, or Double Asteroid Redirection Test, took off into space from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. DART is heading towards the 525 feet large asteroid Dimorphos, at the speed of 15,000 MPH.

The goal of the rocket is to not destroy the asteroid, but slightly change its orbit. Even if the asteroid is made to move for a period of 73 seconds, the mission would be declared a massive success.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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