Dick Vitale is a legend in the world of college football broadcasting. The 82-year old had taken time off in order to undergo chemotherapy as a cure for Lymphoma. Vitale’s return amid his ongoing battle with cancer is extremely emotional for his fans and himself, to say the least.

Vitale announced earlier in the year that while he had successfully beaten Melanoma, he was dealing with another form of cancer, namely Lymphoma. Vitale needed six months in order to complete his chemotherapy, and luckily the legend got back on track.

The broadcaster returned to commentate on #1 Gonzaga and #2 UCLA. The commentator is fighting to hold his tears back. He expressed supreme joy upon his return, saying:

It’s great being here, Dave. I didn’t want to cry. I can’t believe I’m sitting here. It’s really a big thrill for me. I want to thank all you people who sent me so many great messages. I want to thank, certainly, my family. All the fans.


Vitale announced his treatment for Lymphoma in October, but promised that he won’t be leaving commentary. He said “That’s my best medicine of all.” Fans cheered in inspiration as he made good on his word.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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