Katie Maloney-Shwartz is trying to have a baby with husband Tom Shwartz. While explaining her struggles, she revealed that she had an abortion ten years ago. Some “Vanderpump Rules” cast members were surprised by Katie Maloney’s admission.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are trying to pregnant for over two years. In the latest episode of the Bravo reality series Katie opened up about the couples’ struggles with fertility. Katie bravely acknowledged that she had an abortion ten years ago and discussed her reasons.

In an interview with Buzz, Vanderpump Rules newbie Charli Burnett said she didn’t know about her co-star’s abortion until she saw her talking about it on Vanderpump Rules. Charli commended Katie and noted that Katie speaking out will help other young women who find themselves in a similar situation.

“I was actually really shocked,” Charli said in the interview. “I watched it at the same time everyone else did and I was like, ‘Wow, that was something that I wasn’t expecting Katie to share with everyone.’ I didn’t even know about that. I honestly commend her bravery. That’s not easy.”


I feel like it’s this weird thing that we all know it happens but everyone’s ashamed to talk about for some reason,” she said. “So her opening that door was really, really amazing.”

Katie previously talked about societal pressure to get pregnant, feeling like the odd one out in the Vanderpump group and facing invasive questions on her podcast. Abortion is surely a controversial subject in America. There is so much stigma attached to it. Women are reluctant to speak out as they fear being judged and demeaned for their choices.

Katie mentioned that her choice to terminate her pregnancy stemmed from valid reasons. She said that the pair were not in a solid place in their relationship. In addition to this, Tom also had some financial setbacks.

Having fertility issues is a lot to handle. Fortunately, Katie also mentioned on the latest episode that the problem is in the process of being resolved soon. Tom and Katie are both in on it and are trying their best. We wish them well and hope we get to hear the good news very soon

You can watch Katie Maloney’s admission in the episode recap below:

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