It was at Bellator 271 in Dublin, Ireland that James Gallagher went up against Patchy Mix. Gallagher would go down by submitting to Patchy Mix when a guillotine choke hold was vigorously applied in the third round of fighting.

Nate Diaz would make a statement on what went down, using his Instagram account to do so, his shot directed at one Conor McGregor. The words were direct and to the point, they being delivered loud and clear.

“This always happens to the McGregors…@AJJ_American_JiuJitsu…”

It was at UFC 196 way back in 2016 that the two squared off. Diaz beat McGregor with a rear-naked choke hold, shocking one and all, many considering it an upset win, as McGregor was the favorite to win and a huge UFC star at that point, as states.

The event marked a turning point in McGregor’s career, he losing a wee bit more often after that point. Of course, many would do good to remember his loss to Khabib Nurmagoedov by way of a neck crank submission a little while later.

The scope of Diaz’s constant egging is that he’s going after McGregor’s skills on the ground, as the aforementioned piece suggests. He does seem to have trouble there…a weak point in his arsenal, if you will. Currently, Conor is nursing his broken leg that he suffered in his 3rd match with Poirier and Diaz seems to be looking to pick a fight with an old rival…

Domenic Marinelli

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