Travis Scott’s Astroworld Stampede Tragedy took 8 lives and injured hundreds. The Rapper has cancelled future concerts and issued refunds for everyone who attended Astroworld. In the aftermath, Families of the victims that lost their lives are demanding justice. Employers of the Security Agency are also speaking out.

After Houston PD Chief Finner said a security guard working the event was stabbed in his neck by a syringe that rendered him unconscious, another security personnel has spoken out.

Many observers pointed out that security at Astroworld Fest didn’t do more to stop the show as the tragedy unfolded. As footage shows the lack of checks. Daruis Williams who was hired by CSC says they were woefully unprepared.

A company called Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) was contracted by folks running NRG Park or by the promoters of the event. Williams mentioned that he ditched his job at the day of the tragedy as he felt security was “severely understaffed” when he arrived for his first shift.


He also told TMZ that there was virtually no security experience required to apply for the position, as evidenced in the company’s own job listing. He also mentioned that they the workers were inadequately briefed or coached for the task at hand. The tests that were needed to pass were also not invigilated properly.

This is quite a serious. According to Darius Williams other recruits also felt uncomfortable by the employers’ incompetence and contemplated bailing on the job. Several videos have surfaced of fans trying to stop the concert amid chaos. Attendees have said that several pleas to stop the concert were ignored. The concert was also rumored to be a targeted attack. The matter is still under police investigation. Amidst this, Travis Scott is Facing Multiple Lawsuits.

We hope such a horrific incident never happens again. Condolences to the families of the victims who are no longer with us.

Shifa Jahan

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