Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed that he has been patiently growing his hair for a year specifically for his Halloween costume. All that planning paid off.

Aaron Rodgers said that his costume is inspired by “his Hero” without revealing the name on the Pat McAfee show. We now know who his Hero is.

I have a month-ish until Halloween, and this has been a year in the making, for my costume, “I’m not gonna give it away. It’s somebody who’s a hero of mine, who has long-ish hair.”

Seems like the Quarterback earnestly idolizes the unforgiving Hitman. We can’t tell original John Wick and Aaron Rodgers’ costume apart in this side-by-side comparison.

Aaron Rodgers posted a photo of him dressed as none other than full time Dog Lover and part-time Hitman John Wick for Halloween! You can check out the post below to see if he pulled off that Keanu Reeves vibe.

What was your favorite Halloween costume this year? Let us know in the commets below!

Shifa Jahan

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