Former President of the United States Donald Trump is a highly controversial figure and is known to do a lot of bizarre things from time to time. He has his fair share of haters and there is a good reason for that. It seems he has made the news for all the wrong reasons again recently.

Donald Trump’s controversial comments over the years have drawn the ire of people all over the world. Earlier this month Donald Trump caused outrage after claiming Haitian immigrants probably have AIDS.

There has been a lot of controversy when it comes to the Braves’ tomahawk chop chant as of late. The chop, a stadium-wide chant and longtime tradition at Braves games became a huge topic of discussion as part of a national discussion about racism and racial imagery in professional sports.

Several advocacy groups and observers have accused the chant of mocking Native American groups and decried it as racist. However, many Braves fans, including Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, have dismissed the criticism.

Donald Trump took part in the controversial “Tomahawk chop” at Game 4 of the World Series in Atlanta on Saturday night. Trump made it clear that he couldn’t care less about the significance of what he was doing. Trump always tries to take advantage of any ongoing controversy for his own benefit and he did it once again. It is unlikely Donald Trump will learn to be a better human being anytime soon.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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