Jake Paul has become the unexpected champion when it comes to UFC fighters receiving fair pay for risking their lives in every fight. Jon Jones, in particular, has demanded he get paid a proper amount of money to compete in big fights. Jake Paul had previously blasted Dana White over UFC not paying their fighters properly.

For months now Jake Paul has taken shots at Dana White and there are no signs of him stopping. Dana White recently fired back at Jake Paul by stating that Paul is only starting a fight with him to get noticed and that he has a short shelf life. Paul would then clown Dana White in a huge way.

On the other hand, before he made a name for himself as a boxer, Logan Paul did a lot of disturbing things as a YouTuber. He also became one of the most infamous personalities in recent memory. His brother, Jake Paul, might be called the “Problem Child,” but The Maverick has also stirred up his fair share of trouble.

While speaking with Chris Weidman, Alaister Overeem talked about Jake Paul and Logan Paul intentionally choosing opponents who will never give them a proper challenge at all.


“Nah, he [Logan Paul] doesn’t want any, you know? He’s doing good, he’s going to do good business but of course, he is picking and choosing his guys right? Small, wrestler guys that don’t really… He’s [Floyd Mayweather] small, he’s like a 155 or something. So that’s all orchestrated and it’s good for them, right? Good for them but they would never, if it becomes threatening or dangerous, they’d never do it.”

“They would never come into MMA. They are doing something that they feel is ‘hey, this kind of feels like, the cards are stacked on my side’ but they would never take a risk to really get hurt like we’re doing right? A real fight against a real killer and time and time again they are doing the safe, easy, playing part. It’s not real fights. If you’re fighting a guy who’s 50 pounds less and Mayweather is known for winning decisions, right? That’s different than fighting Francis Ngannou…”

Logan Paul is likely to square off against Mike Tyson next year in a boxing match. On the other hand, Jake Paul is also likely to compete against Tommy Fury this year. Both opponents will certainly be challenging for the respective Paul brothers and it remains to be seen if the matches will take place or not.

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