The New York Knicks enjoys perhaps one of the most devotional following from its fans. As the team faced the Boston Celtics in a match as the season opened, it made for an extremely stressful and engaging match. As the Knicks emerged victorious, the fans ecstatically ran around in the streets of New York.

The Knicks carried the victory home with a close score of 138-134, with the match going into double overtime. The fans were completely down to their patience seeing which team comes out the victor. Luckily, it was the Knicks, and it made for an enthusiastic release for fans.

The Madison Square Garden was completely alive during the evening, and it was as though the enthusiasm was unmissable in the entire city. The Sidetalk NYC went to cover the highly energetic Knicks fans. What they captured was nothing short of hilarious and awesome.

Fans of the team were doing all sorts of things which are common amongst the Knicks fans. Chanting “Fuck Trae Young” to show their hatred for the Atlanta Hawks player, criticizing Tom Brady (who doesn’t even play the sport) and gave the Celtics fans a run for their money.


The Knicks superstar Evan Fournier took to Twitter in order to show his surprise and shock over the situation. He shared the clip from the show covering the fans, who were hype manifest. With the Knicks having such a devoting fanbase, their performance definitely helps keeping millions of people happy.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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