LeBron James‘ legacy is one of the very best in the NBA. He’s one of the greatest players in the NBA to say the least, and that’s why he’s an permanent part of the GOAT debate in the NBA.

James has been disrespected before for being excluded from the debate, after a survey revealed that none of the recruiters considered him a competitor for the GOAT title. However, that has changed yet again after a unique picture started circulating on social media. (simpleeverydaymom.com)

The GOAT posed with a very young Jayson Tatum in a picture, along with which there was a picture of his recent adventures in the field. Mink Flow, the Twitter user who posted these, wrote the caption:

This is how long Lebron has been dominating the league


Many other fans chimed in with their reactions to this incredible demonstration of James’ prowess. It’s a fact that the 36-year old is the only player to ever participate in three teams, the Lakers, Miami Heat, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and having won the titles while being the season MVP.

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