Joe Rogan recently took to Instagram where he shared a video where he took a 20 minute long ice bath which proved rather brutal on him. A certain part of Rogan’s body unintentionally brought a lot of attention.

As the UFC commentator. and wildly-popular podcaster. revealed that the temperature of the ice bath was an astounding 33 degrees Fahrenheit, fans were really surprised at Rogan’s ability to withstand it. He explained how cold it was in biting detail with the post’s caption.

The MorozkoForge cold plunge keeps this thing at a steady 33 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s f*cking wild. I was shivering after this for a solid 30 minutes. I drove to work, it’s 90 degrees out in Texas and I had the AC off and I was shivering the whole way to work.

However, it seems like there is someone found a particular detail from Rogan’s video rather interesting, even if it didn’t have anything to do with his ice bath. Ethan Klein of the H3 podcast, which has a massive following on YouTube, decided to roast Joe Rogan on the grounds that he had “giant nipples.”

“Look, we all have our interests. I was playing Final Fantasy XIV all night and Joe Rogan was sitting in an ice bath.”

While that was enough for roasting the jiujitsu black belt carrying UFC commentator, Klein shared many memes about him to top it off. Some of those images are admittedly quite funny. Needless to day, the H3 gang had a ton of fun with this one. You can check out the video and some memes below.

Check these memes out below and sound off in the comments!

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