SNL is an institution on Saturday night television, but the behind-the-scenes environment is apparently incredibly cutthroat.

Shane Gillis was fired from SNL in 2019 before he had a chance to perform. Old standup routines and podcast appearances surfaced where he used racially insensitive material, and that got him cancelled.

Gillis was recently on the Joe Rogan Experience to tell his story. Joe Rogan piped in and revealed something that he heard about SNL, and it wasn’t too good. SNL is “a den of theives” according to the famous standup comedian. He also cited a story that Jim Breuer told about the atmosphere backstage at Saturday Night Live.

“By all accounts, that place is a den of thieves. You hear Jim Breuer’s account of the climate in that place and it’s horrific. They’re all stealing from writers, they’re stealing from performers. If you’re a writer and you submit your packages, the higher-up writers will steal your shit, according to Breuer.”

There is apparently a lot going on with SNL that some fans might not realize. It’s all about intellectual property and it seems that there are some backstage in SNL who do not honor the idea of creative integrity.

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