Joe Rogan is known for living it up. The multi-millionaire podcaster and UFC commentator recently took to Instagram to give the world a peek into how he does his ice baths.

He had the event of ice-bathing recorded so that it could be broadcasted to the whole world. As he posted the clip of the first ice bath on Instagram, he received overwhelming response.

First time in an ice bath! Thank you @morozkoforge for this cold plunge! It’s A LOT more challenging than I thought it would be! Holy s*** that’s cold!…the temperature in there is 33 degrees Fahrenheit! Holy f***!!

Rogan revealed that while he hasn’t taken to doing ice baths at all, he was only familiar with cryotherapy. As he was doing it for the first time, the jiujitsu black-belt owner definitely had to struggle a lot.

I just got done working out, and…Morozko has sent me an ice bath. I’ve never done an ice bath before. I’ve done cryotherapy before, but this will be my first experience in an ice bath or cold plunge, whatever you want to call it. So it will probably be a good thing to document. Here we go.

As Rogen stepped into the huge tub full of ice, he clearly couldn’t take it. He let loose a couple of cusses so that he could express the agony he was overtaking. “Holy f***!” yelled Rogan so that he could cope with the ice picking at his skin.

While the video does not reveal how long Joe managed to stand the test of time with the ice, he posted that he could only last for less than two minutes, which is probably more than many of us can possibly manage.

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