Deshaun Watson is in a bad place. Not only is he appearing for practice drills to evade $50,000 in fine from a team he probably won’t be a part of, he has been accused by more than 20 women for sexual abuse.

One of these women have now come forward to specify his actions in order to explain exactly why Watson is being accused. Initially, the women revealed that he had inappropriate requests from her as soon as they started massaging him, he went out of his way to book more appointments with them even though they were completely against it.

All the women who have accused him of sexual abuse are masseuses. Nia Reese Lewis-Smith, the accuser who has revealed her identity as the accuser, alleged Watson of requesting her to massage the inside of his butt.

While at first she thought it was just a weird request he’d been making, he went on to demand oral sex in subsequent session. She stated:

The only thing that really bothered me in the first appointment was that he kept asking me to go inside his butt. I originally thought it was the crack and so I would go around that area and he still wasn’t satisfied. He was very adamant and was saying don’t be afraid to go inside. […] He basically didn’t want the rest of his body massaged, he wanted his groin area massaged and his butt only…he kept saying do you want to put in your mouth? It was just very very uncomfortable.

While Watson is under an investigation from the Houston Texans themselves, the player is explicit about claiming innocence and still plays and practices for the Texans.

Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish is a freelance writer and correspondent who has been covering celebrity news, pop culture and entertainment for over 4 years. He has experience writing for various media outlets and continues to be passionate about bringing the latest news and insights to readers.

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