After the fresh release of celebrity comedian Bill Cosby, fans & celebrities have been going haywire. His release came after Cosby had already spent two years behind bars, but the court officials recognized that he had an unfair trial, which wasn’t based on his guilt or innocence.

As Cosby had been given a sentence of 3-10 years in the case of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his Pennsylvania residence in 2004, most fans had left the hope of ever seeing the comedian out and alive.

After his release though, Cosby celebrated his return with a statement that marked his innocence.

I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me.


While Cosby has been released for this particular court case, there are still a dozen sexual assault allegations on his name, which means that he still has to prove his innocence to the world yet. However, Andrew Wyatt, who is Cosby’s representative, said that he’s been hit with many requests about Cosby’s appearance.

[Bill Cosby has been] talking to a number of promoters and comedy club owners and he is just excited the way the world is welcoming him back. A number of promoters have called. Comedy club owners have called. People want to see him.

Attorney Lisa Bloom, the legal representative of many Cosby accusers stated that if the comedian keeps on claiming that he is innocent, he might get hit with a defamation lawsuit on top of everything. However, it’s also been reported that Cosby could be looking at making $20K per appearance, so it’s definitely a sweet deal.

Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish is a freelance writer and correspondent who has been covering celebrity news, pop culture and entertainment for over 4 years. He has experience writing for various media outlets and continues to be passionate about bringing the latest news and insights to readers.

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