Cardi B isn’t afraid to speak out when she sees her name getting dragged, no matter who’s saying it.

One fan tweeted out something to Cardi B, but then she deleted it after the WAP rapper responded with, “I’m not proving sh*t I’m educating the uneducated uncultured swines like you.”

This fan snapped back to Cardi B saying: “Uneducated???? This is about HAIR. Why assume I’m uneducated. You’re transphobic, colorist and don’t write your raps bye”

Cardi B heard enough, and she fired back another reply at this fan who might have not expected a second response. She had to educate this hater because she obviously had Cardi all wrong.

Colorism is favoring a lighter skin over a darker skin which I never did ,Transphobia is prejudice and phobia against trans which I’m clearly not and stood up plenty of times for and I write plenty of my sh*t…so here I go educating your uneducated ass once again.

This fan then sent out an audio reply to Cardi B, but this also generated another heated reply.

Soo wait because your African American & I’m Afro Latina means you can come to MY comments and say slick sh*t & I can’t correct you .You called me miss piggy & I didn’t insult u but call you uneducated & I ask you show me the racist tweets & you have nothing to show?

I asked you to show me the racist tweets & You show me none & I was looking cause I would violate them fan or no & there’s none but you sound more racist assuming all my fans wit a pic of me are Spanish .Then you try to use your nationality against mine to play victim .Please

Cardi B is a very busy person. She’s getting another record together, but she always has time to set the record straight. You can check out the tweets below.

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