Two close friends recently found out that they are actually biological sisters. People often confused them with the other and now their happiness knows no bounds.

32-year-old Cassandra Madison and 31-year-old Julia Tinetti would often joke that they are related to each other after they first met back in 2013. They worked at the same restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut.

Once they met, they realized that they were both adopted from the Dominican Republic and even had similar Dominican flag tattoos.

Madison mentioned about their friendship,


We hit it off right away. There was no trying to force a friendship or anything. Our personalities are very similar, so it was very easy for us to just start hanging out.

The sisters even took a look at their adoption forms to see if they were related but the forms mentioned that they had different mothers.

In 2015, Madison moved to Virginia but the two stayed in touch through Facebook. Even though she found out that her biological mother had died, she was able to reconnect with her father and found out that she had seven siblings.

But last year, Madison and Tinetti had reunited and discovered that their adoption papers were wrong.

Madison then had Tinetti take a DNA test which then confirmed that they were sisters. Tinetti says,

I was like, ‘This is it,’ and I waited for probably like 10 minutes before I even opened it, because I was trying to prepare myself for what was going to be there.

Tinetti then was able to connect with her biological father and siblings and it was a moment of joy for her.

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