Kanye West is well aware that it will only be a miracle that will win him his wife back after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce but Kanye seems to be wishing for luck after he was spotted wearing his wedding ring.

Kanye was spotted in Calabasas wearing the symbol of his love on his left hand and smiling ear to ear.

West was caught by the paparazzi outside his office compound in Calabasas, California wearing the famous ring. While this could mean that Kanye is unable to deal with the loss of his wife, it could also mean that the couple are working towards reconciliation. Or it could also simply mean that he wore it out of sheer habit.

Kanye and Kim have been married for six years and have four children together. Their divorce is set to take place on the upcoming final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


Kim filed for divorce last month after months of rumors and speculations around the couple.

Why do you think Kanye was wearing the ring? Is he just delusional or is something brewing between him and Kim? Let us know in the comments below.

Anant Shastri

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