Billionaire and clothing tycoon Yusaku Maezawa is on a hunt for 8 people who will go to the moon with him. This will be the first ever private flight into space to take place in the world.

Maezawa released a video today featuring SpaceX, Tesla CEO and entrepreneur Elon Musk, where he announced SpaceX’s first ever flight to the moon and talked extensively about the nature of his project. Maezawa announced the project through Twitter.

The founder of Japan’s largest online clothing platform Zozotown, Maezawa at first wanted to take artists with him to the moon. However, he altered his choice of candidates for the trip and has opened his doors to the people throughout the world. He is going to fund the trip of the entire crew. Maezawa told NBC:

I wanted to reach out to a wider more diverse audience. If you see yourself as an artist then you are an artist.


While Maezawa wants the kind of people who will broaden their horizons by going into outer space, Musk has his own goals to fulfill. Being the first flight that is not being carried out by a governmental organization, this flight will also be the first of its kind to travel beyond the maximum distance a spacecraft has travelled from Earth. Musk said:

“This mission we expect people will go further than any human has ever gone from planet Earth,

The flight is expected to take 3 days to reach the moon, loo around in the lunar orbit and make a return which will also take 3 days. The pre-registration phase of the project has already started and will stand open till March 14th.

Nitish Vashishtha

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