Olivia Chutich, the daughter of the Supreme Court Justice, was discovered dead outside the Delta Delta Delta house at the Iowa State University. She was found at the parking lot of her sorority house.

According to the autopsy, the cause of death has been determined as acute alcohol intoxication and hypothermia.

The body of the 21 year old was discovered on January 22 by the Ames Police Department after receiving a call from the Delta Delta Delta sorority. The call mentioned an unconscious person in the parking lot but when the police arrived at the scene, she was already dead.


On investigation, the officials ruled out any foul play and this was supported by the autopsy results which ruled this incident an accidental death.

Chutich was the daughter of Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chutich and Allina Health CEO Penny Wheeler. She was a junior at the school and was scheduled to graduate in 2022.

Chutich’s mothers, in an online obituary wrote,

Our hearts are broken into millions of pieces at the loss of her. As her mothers, we know that we were given the most precious of gifts for 21 years. We weren’t perfect parents, and she wasn’t a perfect child, but we were a perfect match. And what a love story it was.

The Delta Delta Delta sorority house posted a heartfelt tribute for their late sister on Instagram.

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