The Covid-19 pandemic is far from over and wearing masks is still the need of the hour. However, this did not hinder two men in Deerfield, Florida from posing as U.S. marshals to avoid wearing masks during their stay at Wyndham Resort.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that Walter Wayne Brown Jr., 52, and Gary Brummett, 81, were arrested on February 11 after a staff member at the resort phoned actual law enforcement to back the pair’s claims.

The complaint against the duo stated that they persistently told employees that they were U.S. marshals and threatened to have them arrested for asking them to follow the resort’s mask protocols. 

Brummett allegedly flashed his badge when the resort staff insisted on his compliance with the safety protocols.


“Do you know what this means, I’m a U.S. marshal and can have you arrested if you force me to wear a mask.”

Upon inspection by U.S deputies and an actual U.S. Marshal, the duo’s badges read “Cherokee Nation Marshal.” They also carried identity cards of the Aniyvwiya Tribal Nation as well as cards that alleged they did not have to wear a face mask. Cherokee Nation representatives claimed that the two men weren’t recognized members.

The duo is currently detained by the U.S. Marshal Service and will be presented before a court on Feb 26.

It seems like wearing a mask is the only acceptable form of disguise after 2020.

Teresa Williams

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