You must be living under a rock if you’ve never heard of MrBeast. Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTubers to date and has a huge following. Some photos have now hinted at a collab between him and NFL GOAT Tom Brady.

In one of Tom Brady’s recent Instagram stories, he posted a photo of him and Jimmy. The two of them posed smiling to the camera as MrBeast rested his hand on Brady’s far shoulder. Tom captioned the story, “Thanks for doing so much great work in the world.”

MrBeast also took to his IG stories and posted the same photo with a side-eye emoji. Speculations on the internet have concluded with people suggesting a future collab between the two. This doesn’t seem much far-fetched as Brady is now retired and has a lot of time to focus on different ventures.

A potential collab with Tom Brady doesn’t sound half bad for the YouTube giant. With Jimmy’s ever-growing base of followers and non-shrinking viewership on the platform, a collab will boost both of their productive output in any business. It just remains to be seen as to what will they lock their hands on if they wish to do a joint venture.


Jimmy had previously shared a discarded Super Bowl on his social media. An advertisement during Super Bowl would never come cheap as he was asked for around $7 million for it. However, he didn’t want to spend millions on a “Deez Nuts” bar commercial.

Of course, neither Brady nor MrBeast has officially announced any new endeavor. Brady, who recently retired, has been adding more events over time. Brady might be looking at some further YouTube stuff or even an interview with MrBeast if he is involved.

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