MrBeast has been known for some wild internet stunts over the years. The bombastic online personality recently made a verbal deal with Elon Musk that if he died, MrBeast would receive Twitter. While it was all done in jest, Elon recently expressed that he wanted to back out of his deal to buy the social media giant, leaving MrBeast to wonder what will happen to their deal.

The situation occurred when Elon Musk made a tweet about how he feared he might die under mysterious circumstances. This came as he provided StarLink internet service to Ukraine at the outset of Russia’s unprovoked invasion. The agreement even included a “No takesies backsies” clause.

Responding to a news story about Elon backing out of the Twitter purchase, MrBeast wondered if the deal was still in place. It does not sound like it will, despite the airtight legal agreement the two had via casual tweets. It doesn’t look like MrBeast will ever become the owner of Twitter.

“Does that mean this has been nullified?”

Twitter has threatened to sue Elon Musk to force him to go through with the deal. Musk believes that Twitter lied about the percentage of its userbase that is made up of bots and fake accounts. He thinks that violates the terms of the purchase agreement.

MrBeast will have to go back to selling luxury sports cars for the price of a DVD. While he might not have a chance to own Twitter, at least he’s got his insane wealth and fame. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, even for the most charmed among us.

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Michael Perry

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