Shaquille O’Neal was hospitalized recently for an undisclosed reason. Fans of the 7-foot-1 athlete expressed their concern and offered their good wishes on social media as news of his hospitalization spread. Shaq has now decided to lighten the mood by joking about getting a BBL.

The former NBA star took to Instagram and posted a GIF of his posterior as the area around his butt kept morphing. Captioning that post, he assured the fans of his health and told them not to worry. He also joked about getting hip replacement surgery and compared it with having a Brazilian butt lift.

Despite his larger-than-life persona, O’Neal has dealt with health issues in the past. He has often talked about a heart condition that he has in interviews. Many Twitter users wished O’Neal a “speedy recovery” while awaiting more information.

The Olympian mentioned losing 40 pounds three months before his operation. After the blood work, he was still hoping to lose 20 more pounds. O’Neal told “ET” in December 2022 that the weight “fell off” when he began making lifestyle adjustments such as taking supplements and avoiding soda.

O’Neal shared a picture of himself resting on a hospital bed on Twitter. In the accompanying caption, he expressed his longing for Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker. This led to a lot of speculation on social media bout his hospitalization and his health.

With Shaq going through a successful surgery and losing weight to lead a better lifestyle, fans have all to rejoice. As the former NBA giant comes back on his feet with a speedy recovery fans have showered him with numerous blessings.

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