Blueface and Chrisean Rock are known to have a drama-filled relationship. The couple often finds themselves in the headlines for all the drama surrounding their relationship. This time was no different as Blueface recently claimed that Lil Baby and Rick Ross want to have sex with Chrisean Rock.

The couple recently sat down with Bootleg Kev to discuss the recent drama surrounding their relationship. During the interview, Kev noted how Blueface got angry when he spotted Chrisean hanging out with Rick Ross and Lil Baby.

Kev asked the rapper if it was in Chrisean’s best interest to network with Lil Baby and Rick Ross, but Blueface rejected the idea.

“Hell no. Because it’s not gonna be real networking,” Blue said.


When Kev asked why it was a bad idea for Chrisean to network with Baby and the Maybach Music leader, Chrisean stepped in and said, “Not when they’re tryna f**k, that’s what he’s trying to say.” She continued, “He says it, I just be like I don’t know.”

“She knows. She knows she likes to play around,” Blueface added.

Blue then continued to talk about Lil Baby showcasing his disapproval of Chrisean networking with him.

“She didn’t tell you he was like, ‘Oh you sexy, I want you around. You got potential, come to the studio. What’s your number?’ I don’t know if she likes that or not but she trying to water it down,” Blue continued. “If she networking, by all means it’s cool. But once there’s money being talked about and business being exchanged now it’s unprofessional.”

Kev then asked if he was okay if Lil Baby invited Chrisean to the studio while he wasn’t present. To which, the rapper said that he’s okay with it as long as it’s “something transpiring.”

Kev then asked if his personal relationship with Chrisean could cloud his managerial relationship. The rapper replied by saying that would make sense if he wasn’t a rapper.

“Hell nah, because it’s almost to the point where if I wasn’t a rapper that’d make sense, but I am which means all I gotta do is take her where I go,” the “Thotiana” rapper said.

Kev then noted that Rick Ross taking a picture with Chrisean Rock at the Superbowl could’ve been an innocent encounter due to her “being on fire right now.” But Blueface didn’t agree with that idea.

“All I can speak on is what I think that they’re thinking,” he said. “They ain’t never seen her in person, and obviously when you see her in person she bad as hell so it’s like, ‘Oh shit, it’s her!’ And it’s like that’s cool but just don’t be unprofessional about it. Don’t go up to her and be like, ‘Yo, I think that we can do business, and let’s do this and let’s do that.’”

This comes after Blueface recently confronted Chrisean Rock on Instagram regarding an alleged conversation she had with Lil Baby at a recent party.

“I think you be letting too many rap n**gas be in your face,” Blue said.

“[He told me] I got potential,” Chrisean replied. To which, the rapper asked, “Potential to what? F**k him?”

Blue wasn’t buying the fact that Chrisean and Lil Baby had an empowerment conversation at 5 a.m.

“Y’all had an empowerment conversation at 5 a.m.? With him all up in your face like this? He damn near up in my face, cuz!”

Following that, Blueface released an alleged text exchange between Chrisean Rock and Baby with the latter seemingly confused about the rumors that he slid into her DMs while also referring to himself as a “big brother” figure.

“Met my b**ch one time talk bout he ‘big brother’ you ain’t no son to me the truth could never be a dis … I run this shit on sy be mad if you want to b**ch post my messages I’m bleeding anything come thru my Territory without checking In welcome to death row.”

Blue didn’t spare Rick Ross either as he destroyed the Maybach Music leader in his text messages he sent to Chrisean Rock.

“Could never be my b**ch. But I get it you knew to this shit fr so that typa shit excites you it’s really none wrong with it I’m just a different type n**ga wit my b**ch. That’s y I told you long time ago you really don’t want that spot.”

As of writing this article, neither Rick Ross nor Lil Baby has responded to these claims by Blueface. We will have to wait and see if they respond. Until then, stay tuned to Thirsty For News.

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