Blueface has been recurrently seen with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Christian Rock. Rock was present at the Super Bowl this weekend and came across a handful of celebrities. She took a selfie with Rick Ross at the game, and it started an over-the-text fight with the rapper.

Blueface came across the photo and didn’t hold back on the insults and shaming towards Chrisean. The rapper disregarded his girlfriend by saying that she could never be his “b*tch.” Rock responded by calling Blueface “weird” for being upset about the Rick Ross photo.

“What he literally got a pic walking past idk why everyone trynna get a pic with me I’m not in his face he literally caught me off guard while I’m waiting for my car with zues n them, U being weird bro stfu. Like fr stop talking to me side ways.”

Chrisean claimed that Rick Ross suddenly came up behind her and went for a selfie while she was waiting in the parking. She sees nothing wrong in the way the interaction happened and called out Blueface for doing worse things to her. She points out the time when random women came up to the rapper and grinded on him on his birthday party.


Chrisean Rock posted the screenshot of their conversation on Twitter. Before sharing the text messages, Rock called out Blueface for being “selfish” and too concerned with “dum shit.” In a series of tweets, Rock called out all the flaws in Blueface that expose the worst in him and makes him ‘spiteful.’

“The more u show the world how u don’t value what u have the more u make them look at you liked da weak link n make them favor me more cuz the situation I’m in with u isn’t fair u know this the world know this.”

Like her rapper boyfriend, Chrisean took the path of music and embraced hip-hop as a career. Despite of being a great athlete in school and college, things didn’t pan out well for her. She eventually met Blueface, and now the couple has been on a rough patch.

This altercation between the couple might lead to a huge crack in their relationship. Calling each other out on social media might be great PR however people’s notion can affect their carrier. We will soon find out if their relationship lasts past such a public brawl.

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