Kevin Hart is a renowned comedian who frequently entertains millions by poking fun at his struggles. Over the years, he has shared his imperfections with his fans, offering them a window into his personal life. However, the comedian is currently confused and has ‘no idea’ why he suddenly became a top trending topic on Twitter.

Kevin started trending on Twitter on February 27 after fans realized he makes the ideal meme. Users began creating their own Kevin memes using his multiple facial expressions in various photos. The Internet exploded with hype as more and more posts started to appear as fans kept realizing how funny of a meme Kevin’s face could make.

In the meantime, Kevin spoke about the situation and acknowledged that he didn’t understand why everybody was talking about him. Kevin shared a tweet from another user that included a GIF of him looking bewildered, with the caption, “Kevin Hart trying to understand why he’s trending.”

Kevin quoted the tweet and added “This is so f true. I have no idea what’s going on.” However, he didn’t seem annoyed as he ended his tweet with laughing and crying emojis.


Besides that, Kevin took to his Instagram to share a number of the funniest memes that he had come across. “Can somebody tell me why I am trending,” he wrote.

“I got endless memes being sent to my d*** phone from a bunch of my dumba** friends. WTF is going on???? Gotta admit that they are funny as hell though.”

Twitter users created their own hilarious captions to go with images of Kevin Hart. However, after a few hours, it became clear that several of the subsequent tweets were from users who admitted to merely trying to keep the trend going with their own ideas. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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