Kevin Hart is an expert at making millions of people laugh by making fun of his suffering. The well-known comedian has vulnerably revealed his flaws throughout the years, giving followers a glimpse into his private life. Hart recently revealed that his father has passed away.

Kev has been vocal about working to mend his relationship with his drug-addicted father since he was a small child. Thankfully, the father-son duo was able to patch things up before it was too late. Kevin recently posted on social media to share the news that his father passed away at the age of 75.

RIP to one of the realest & rawest to ever do it…Love you dad. Gone but never forgotten….Give mom a hug for me….y’all did good man. Thank you for everything. I’m a better father because of you We will all make you proud.

The Jumanji star spoke about repairing his relationship with his father, Henry Witherspoon in 2017 with ET. “I choose to go positive instead of negative a lot and because of that, my relationship with my dad is amazing now! And my dad understands how I feel and how I look at things, and now my dad is focusing on being the best grandparent that he possibly can.”

In the comment section, Kevin’s friends, family, and coworkers showered their sympathies. Haha Davis, a comedian, posted: “Damn Kev sorry buddy prayers up.” Lala Anthony, Kevin’s co-star in Think Like A Man, said, “Deepest sympathies, Kevin.” Chelsea Handler continued, “I’m sending prayers and love. Comedian Oh, sorry, Kev.” Check out Kevin’s post below. RIP.

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