Marvel’s Daredevil was an instant hit when it was released in 2003. It starred the likes of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in a romance-filled action thriller. Despite the huge popularity of Daredevil in the Marvel Universe, its sequel was never made.

Mark Steven Johnson recently talked to Yahoo! Entertainment about the film for its 20th anniversary. Instead of a sequel, an Elektra spin-off was released which would’ve been a deciding factor for Daredevil 2. The spin-off, unfortunately, didn’t do that well and the plan to write a second part for Daredevil went straight out of the window.

 “I think the plan was that they would make an Elektra movie and then in success do another Daredevil. I didn’t work on the Elektra movie at all, but that one didn’t work out, and then everything kind of went away, unfortunately.”

Johnson also discussed one of the plots he hoped to tell in a follow-up. He heavily drew inspiration from a well-known Marvel Comics plot written by renowned author and illustrator, Frank Miller, for Daredevil’s love story. The director wished to explore Matt and Karen Page’s romance further.


The Daredevil sequel was never made but many people involved in the film would continue to work in the superhero genre. Johnson later directed the 2007 Marvel film Ghost Rider. In the DC Extended Universe, Affleck would most memorably later don the Batman costume.

Johnson thinks that he made Daredevil differently compared to superhero films these days. It was one of the most remarkable Marvel films that had a star cast and great performances. It’s a shame that we wouldn’t have the chance to witness its sequel.

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