Despite his thriving career in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson remains a well-known personality in the world of professional wrestling and he still has a close relationship with it. He has also been a part of successful film franchises and continues to excel in the world of entertainment. But The Great One still has one regret in regard to his professional wrestling career.

The Stamford-based global juggernaut introduced the Brahma Bull back in 1996. Before stepping away in 2004 to pursue a career as an actor in Hollywood, The Rock spent nearly eight years as a competitive Superstar in the squared circle.

The 10-time world champion also frequently faced the WWE Hall of Famer Booker T while working for WWE. Furthermore, The Rock apparently desired more matches with the current NXT color commentator, though.

The Rock confirmed that not having more classic matches with Booker T was the biggest regret of his wrestling career. Brad Gilmore discussed his recent conversation with The Rock with his co-host Booker T during an appearance on the Hall of Fame podcast.


“He said if I look back at my wrestling career, that’s probably my biggest regret is that he [Booker T] and I didn’t have more classic matches. He said because he was so gifted, he was so talented. He said I was just out kind of going to Hollywood at the time when he came in. He said if I would have stayed, man, we would have had banger after banger.”

The Rock and Booker T faced each other during the Invasion storyline in 2001, with the duo representing WWE and the Alliance respectively. While the possibility of any rematches is completely ruled out, it can be said for sure that the two legends have delivered some of the most exceptional bouts in the history of WWE.

We’ll have to see if The Rock ever makes his way back to WWE for another match. Fans still have hope that will happen, but Booker T already confirmed that his final match was at the 2023 Royal Rumble match.

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