Kyrie Irving is renowned for his passion for the game. Fans adore Irving’s talent and dedication to his craft. However, the controversy regarding Kyrie has been making waves in the industry for quite some time. Even, his partnership with Nike came to an end due to the controversy. However, Kyrie continues to wear Nike shoes despite the termination of the deal.

Fans are now aware of the controversy that Kyrie Irving experienced at the start of the season. Ultimately, Irving lost some of his endorsements as a result of the dispute, and Nike was also included in the biggest one. Unfortunately, Kyrie did really lose his contract with Nike.

Many believed that Irving’s signature sneaker was the best in basketball, but he will no longer be producing any. Although he might sign with another business, it is obvious that his time with Nike has come to an end.

Yesterday, at the NBA All-Star Game, Irving competed against some of the best athletes in the world. At Salt Lake City, Utah, where this match was held, he received a lot of jeers from the audience. In the All-Star Game, where Irving was chosen by none other than Team LeBron, nonetheless, Irving appeared to be really delighted to be there.


Kyrie played a mostly quiet game overall. The Mavericks player, though, undoubtedly caught everyone’s attention throughout the evening thanks to his footwear selections. Kyrie donned two different pairs of shoes for the first and second halves.

The picture clearly shows that his footwear was Nikes. Yet, Kyrie discovered a fresh and distinctive approach to hiding the Nike emblem, just like he did earlier this season. Irving used some tassels to conceal the Nike logo on the sides of the first shoe from the left.

Moreover, Irving chose a graffiti and slime aesthetic for the shoe on the right, fully obscuring the Nike insignia. Overall, it was a pretty original method for him to handle the consequences of his prior partnership. It will be fascinating to watch what Kyrie decides to do in the future with regard to sneakers.

There are many businesses that want to collaborate with him. Yet, Irving has a history of forging a path of ruin, which would undoubtedly prompt some businesses to exercise caution. Hopefully, Kyrie’s decision-making process will be updated shortly. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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