WWE has seen some of the most amazing and larger-than-life personalities in the rich history of the company. These magnanimous and highly accomplished legends have made such a huge impact on the business that they are remembered to this day. One of those mesmerizing stars was Andre The Giant. However, an interesting story revealed by another WWE legend stated that Andre once passed out in a hotel lobby.

The Eighth Wonder of the World, who stood over 7 feet tall and weighed over 500 pounds had a big addiction to alcohol. Andre The Giant consumed a great deal of alcohol during his days as a professional wrestler because it helped to dull the pain of his wounds.

A lot of people enjoy the occasional drink after work, but Andre The Giant used to drink a ton after performances. This was remembered fondly by another WWE Legend who was around during that time, The Undertaker.

The Undertaker stated that Andre The Giant would consume more food and beverages than any other member of the roster. He spoke about this during an appearance on Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson.


“I mean, he ate. I mean, he ate a lot, but it wasn’t so much what he ate, it was more what he drank. I mean, he drank a lot, man. And, you know, the guys that hung out with him, his handler and everything like that, bless his heart, he was a little dude. And he had to sit and drink with Andre all night long.”

Furthermore, The Deadman shared another story regarding Andre The Giant. According to The Undertaker, Andre collapsed in a hotel lobby after another protracted drinking spree.

“And the stories he had man, like, there’s one time Andre passed out. Andre passed out in the hotel lobby, and they couldn’t do anything with him. I mean, you can’t pick up, you know, seven foot two, he’s 500 pounds, asleep. That’s huge man. So they just brought out some linens and blankets and covered him up in the lobby until he decided to wake up.”

Despite Andre The Giant struggling with alcohol, he never let the problems outside the ring hinder him from doing well inside the squared circle. The Giant always made sure to give the audience his best performance, and that is the reason he has been one of the most respected WWE legends of all time.

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