Vince McMahon is a name that evokes controversy in the world of professional wrestling. While some fans may view him as eccentric and difficult to understand, there is no denying that his approach to the industry is a calculated one. That being said, McMahon is known to hold a grudge. In fact, he was recently blasted for holding grudges as well.

Vince McMahon’s dedication to the professional wrestling industry is unmatched. He is known for being a perfectionist, always striving for excellence in his work. Additionally, he has demonstrated his fearlessness by putting his own body on the line when necessary, proving his commitment to the sport.

Having spent many years working for WWE, Jake Roberts is intimately familiar with how Vince McMahon operates. In the past, Roberts has even criticized McMahon for his tendency to humiliate people in the company.

Roberts’ struggles with substance and alcohol are well-documented as well.  He overcame them and made a return to the company in 1996, where he was given a spiritual babyface persona. While speaking on the Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts blasted Vince McMahon for holding grudges, noting that the persona was due to a personal grudge against Roberts.

“I didn’t like it. It was Vince taking a shot. When you leave Vince McMahon and he’s not the one firing you and getting rid of you, he doesn’t like it. He holds a grudge. He’s a grudge-holding son of a b**ch and he’ll take his time to get ya’ too. He’ll start doing little things and then he’ll graduate to maybe Jerry Lawler throwing whiskey in my face and making a joke out of that s**t.

You know, they don’t make jokes out of that s**t anymore. It should have never been done. Jerry Lawler himself speaks up about that. And it was horrible to be asked to do it, and especially with where I was coming from. I mean, you’re going to persecute me for being a Christian? Really? Wow, dude.”

Vince McMahon could also stand to get a ton of money if WWE gets sold. Regardless, we will have to wait and see what Vince McMahon will end up doing in the coming weeks.

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