Ice-T and Coco Austin are long-time couples who have established a solid reputation in the industry for their adoration of one another. The couple, however, always stood up for each other when the opportunity arose. Recently, Ice-T slammed out the troll who said Coco Austin’s clothing was “three sizes too small.”

Ice-T is returning the clap in Coco Austin’s honor. A Twitter troll who claimed that the rapper’s wife was “wrapped in a dress three sizes too small” during the Grammy Awards earlier this month received harsh criticism from the rapper.

The critic compared Adele’s “classy” and “fabulous” attire to Austin’s fashion sense. “When was the last time you had some D–k? questioned Ice-T. “That’s the problem. LOL,” the “Law & Order: SVU” actor said, mockingly referring to the unfavorable online poster as “hot as F.”

“We NEVER attack … but we RETALIATE. … Keeping it as Real as Possible was always a Goal for me.”


The troll’s harsh tweets against Austin were blasted by many of Ice-T’s fans. However, the woman claimed that she was only “making an observation.” She even added that women should be proud of their natural beauty.

“Women should be proud of their natural beauty…not be done Frankenstein…made on a surgical table.”

On 5 February, Austin posed on the red carpet with Ice-T while donning a plunging, bejeweled gown for the awards ceremony. Future and Lil Durk were seated at the same table as the pair inside. Two days after the ceremony, Ice-T shared a video on Twitter showing a spectator watching his “Ice Loves Coco” co-star dance.

“Lol… I love how the white dude looked at me then took time to check Coco out. I TOTALLY understand.”

Austin, who is Ice-T’s brother and has a daughter called Chanel who is 7 years old, started an OnlyFans last week. The dancer assured her Instagram fans that they “won’t be sorry” following her on the social media site. What’s your take on Ice-T’s step to defend his wife? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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