Ice T has a big online presence. He is frequently trending on Twitter, most recently for making a heist joke about high gas prices. Coco Austin, his wife, and Chanel, his daughter, are also well-known on the internet.

When Coco shared a video of Chanel teaching her grandmother how to twerk, the internet went crazy. However, internet fame has its drawbacks, which the family is currently experiencing. Ice T and his wife Coco Austin recently received backlash for pushing their six-year-old in a stroller.

Coco uploaded a photo of Chanel in a stroller in a mall in the Bahamas on Twitter recently. She wrote that the toddler was “so over it unless there’s something cool to see.” The post drew quick criticism, with several commenters claiming Chanel was too old to be in a stroller.

One user wrote: “Ummm why does anyone care if the baby is in a stroller? Small kids get tired! Stroller, wagon whatever kids need rides when they are young.”

Another chimed in: “That girl too big for a stroller [laughing emojis]”

A third one commented: “Why is that child in a stroller??? You are humiliating her that’s why she’s miserable”

A fourth user pointed out: “She is a cutie but upset you two have her in a stroller and she’s in elementary school!”

This isn’t the first time Coco has been chastised for her parenting methods. Austin released images of her breastfeeding Chanel, who was four years old at the time, in 2019. The backlash was swift, and Ice T was forced to intervene to defend his wife’s decision.

Coco was unfazed by the internet’s disapproval, and a few months later released another breastfeeding photo. She continued to defend Chanel, who was five at the time, a year later. Below is Coco’s post, as well as some of the responses.

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