Danny Trejo has landed some influential roles in some of the biggest movies and TV shows. Despite being a well-known actor in Hollywood, he has been facing certain financial challenges. This has led him to file for bankruptcy to eliminate his personal debt.

TMZ reported that Danny Trejo is filing for bankruptcy on Tuesday under Chapter 11. However, it’s not because the actor is broke. Interestingly, he has a big list of bills with the IRS, and filing for bankruptcy will be the best way to resolve this problem.

The legendary actor is reorganizing his assets to help deal with this debt he owes Uncle Sam. According to him, he owes them a whopping $2 million in taxes. The reason for piling on such a huge debt is mismanaging his taxes and negligence in filing them.

Danny says he was mistakenly claiming deductions over the years that caught up with him. He even jokingly told TMZ he now realizes that dog grooming isn’t a legit expense you can write off. The great news is that his record label, his coffee/donut shops, and famed Trejo’s Tacos aren’t affected by this.


Danny has kept himself quite active with his different cuisine businesses despite his film career extending into his later years. His food hubs include Trejo Tacos and Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts in Las Vegas. He has appeared as the character Tortuga in Breaking Bad in addition to the Hollywood blockbusters Machete and Spy Kids.

Trejo might have landed himself in a tough spot with the IRS but it isn’t stopping him to run his other big businesses. While he’s been doing well in his trades, his acting career is still going strong. We hope to see him soon on the screen with his amazing presence.

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