The world watched for years as Britney Spears was subject to a strict conservatorship. Even though that is now over, she is still having problems. The singer’s complicated relationship with her father Jaime Spears has persisted in the news. The two are still at odds in court over accusations that he mismanaged Britney’s conservatorship.

According to RadarOnline, Jamie Spears and his legal team have submitted court papers in Utah demanding that an ex-FBI agent hand over a number of documents. The 13-year-old conservatorship ended around the same time a NY Times documentary titled Controlling Britney Spears was released.

Alex Vlasov, a whistleblower who formerly worked for the security firm Black Box, opened up in the documentary. According to Vlasov, Jamie appointed Black Box to track Britney’s texts and phone calls. He claimed that her bedroom had a listening device set up.

A statement from Sherine Ebadi, a former FBI special agent, was presented in court by Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart. Ebadi had spent over a decade working on cases involving fraud and corruption. She backed up Vlasov’s assertion in her declaration and stated that Jamie


“engaged in and directed others to engage in unconscionable violations of [Britney’s] privacy and civil liberties.”

Ebadi is currently employed by Kroll Associates Inc. as an associate managing director in the Forensic Investigations and Intelligence practice. Ebadi claimed in her declaration that she spoke with Vlasov.

“Mr. Vlasov was tasked with reviewing the monitored content and relaying that information through Yemini to [Jamie]. Sometimes, Mr. Vlasov provided information on [Britney’s] monitored communications directly to [Jamie].”

Jamie demanded a number of documents, including all the documents Ebadi used to prepare her declaration, in his most recent filing. He has consistently debunked claims that he surveilled his daughter.

Jamie also demands all communications she had with outside parties while the declaration was being documented. Besides that, Jamie has asked for all records related to her meeting with Vlasov as well as any documents that he gave her.

“All documents including, but not limited to, handwritten notes and summaries, electronic notes and summaries, digital recordings, audio recordings, and audio-visual recordings.”

Jamie also wants to know if Ebadi received compensation for the work she did for Britney. Ebadi was asked to turn over all communications with Britney as the final demand. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the ongoing battle.

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