Britney Spears is always surrounded by speculation and controversies. The recent one is quite a disturbing instance of claims that she almost died due to bad mental health. However, the pop sensation slammed all these reports, claiming them to be false.

Britney took to Instagram and wrote a lengthy paragraph addressing her disappointment regarding the issue. She mentions how malice filled and ill it is to make up stories about her dying. If these stories keep popping every now and then, she says leaving Instagram will be the only option left.

“It makes me sick to my stomach that it’s even legal for people to make up stories that I almost died … I mean at some point enough is enough!!! I’m probably going to have to stop posting on Instagram because even though I enjoy doing it, there’s obviously a lot of people who don’t wish me well!!! I’m honestly not surprised at all … Again doing the best I can”

The ‘Toxic’ singer shared that she likes to post on Instagram and enjoys showing off her lifestyle to everyone. She also mentioned that this isn’t 2007 and the conservatorship is over. Later she propagated her husband’s message to not believe everything people see on the internet.


All of this comes after numerous people close to Britney reported that people around her have become alarmed by her erratic, volatile behavior. According to them, she’s taking meds that “hype her up.” and she’s been “flying off the handle” lately. Moreover, they claimed that she is not taking the medications that stabilize her.

A planned intervention by her close people and doctors finally let her off the edge. Sources say Britney agreed to meet with a doctor due to this deteriorating mental condition of hers. Britney met with the doctor Wednesday late afternoon and it “went well.”

As disturbing as the situation sounds, people around her can make life a bit hard for her. Even if saving your dear friend is a top priority however going to the media and sharing sensitive details might end up making a mess of the circumstances.

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Anirban Biswas

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