George Clooney portrayed the character of Batman and achieved enormous recognition in the industry. However these days, it seems like everything from the past is making a comeback, including the Batman series. Regrettably, it appears that George Clooney won’t be returning as Batman anytime soon, which is probably okay with him.

Michael Keaton hadn’t played Batman since 1992 until Warner Bros. called him back. He shot parts for Batgirl, which was abruptly canceled, but he’s still coming back for The Flash this summer. His reappearance fuelled rumors that another Bruce Wayne from the big screen might also make a comeback. But it looks like that one is off the table.

James Gunn, who is currently, along with Peter Safran, one of the rulers of the recently renovated DCEU, accidentally posted a picture of his puppy on Saturday. Fans of comic book movies flooded him with comments. One of their fans inquired as to whether George Clooney, who starred in the infamous Batman and Robin film from 1997, would also be returning too. Unfortunately, Gunn replied, “Absolute not”.

Clooney, who played the part once and doesn’t seem to have loved it. Even his wife Amal has been warned not to view it, lest she loses “respect” for him. Although it didn’t precisely flop, the movie, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a pun-dispensing Mr. Freeze and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, was so poorly regarded that it destroyed the franchise for almost ten years.


George presumably enjoys acting in classic romantic comedies that don’t need him to don a latex Batsuit with pronounced nipples. What’s your take on this update? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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