Beyoncé is seen as a leading figure in the pop music industry. Her numerous top-charting songs and enthralling musical performances have earned her a devoted worldwide fanbase, cementing her legacy in music history. That being said, there is a belief that she and Tupac would have been together if he was still alive.

As far as musical power couples go, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are easily one of the most accomplished and well-known. Despite facing challenges in their relationship, such as Jay-Z’s infidelity famously referenced in the song “Sorry,” the couple has consistently presented a united front, cementing their status as a legendary duo in the industry.

While speaking with Art of Dialogue, Big Gipp stated that he believes Beyoncé and Tupac would have been together if he was still alive. He did not hold back on speculating about the love that could’ve grown between the two at all.

“To me, Tupac… Only reason you inching Jay-Z past Tupac is because he got goddamn Beyoncé,” the Atlanta native began. “You take Beyoncé away, he ain’t got shit. Bar for bar? Yeah, he might rap better than ‘Pac, but ‘Pac came with the heart. That’s different, it’s just different. You can never beat the heart, bro.”


Gipp emphasized that some musicians excel due to their technical prowess, while others have a charismatic presence that sets them apart. He compared this distinction to the difference between basketball legends Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Jordan was known for his technical skills, while LeBron had a “goon” mentality and a tougher style.

“Just like the difference between Jordan and LeBron,” he explained. “Jordan, technical. That motherf*cker technical. LeBron? Gangster. Goon shit. Two different styles. If ‘Pac was here, who do you think the girl would have been with?”

In addition to speculating on a hypothetical relationship between Beyoncé and Tupac, Gipp also reminisced about the memorable confrontation between Tupac and the late Notorious B.I.G. at the Soul Train Awards. This historic moment in hip-hop history can be read about in more detail elsewhere, and readers are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates in the genre.

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