Britney Spears faced a 13-year struggle under her conservatorship, but her fans remained steadfast in their support. Their efforts paid off in 2021 when she was finally able to break free from the conservatorship. That being said, Spears’ mental health has not been the best as of late and it seems her close ones now fear canceling her intervention could be life-threatening.

As previously reported, Britney’s unpredictable and erratic behavior has alarmed those around her. She reportedly takes medications that “hype her up,” and she has been “flying off the handle” more frequently lately and is not taking the medications that help to keep her under control.

Due to this, they had planned an intervention because the situation had gotten so bad. According to TMZ, It was reported that an intervention was being planned for Britney Spears, which would involve her husband, Sam Asghari, her manager, and healthcare professionals. Her manager had even secured a house in the Los Angeles area as a location for the intervention, with the idea being for Britney to reside there for a period of two months in order to receive the necessary treatment.

Unfortunately, it seems that someone within her inner circle cancelled the plan and it was never carried out. In fact, sources from TMZ have revealed that those close to Spears are concerned for her life due to the intervention being nixed.


— “The intervention was long overdue. She is very much a danger to herself and those around her. It’s a ticking time bomb. Thank god somebody finally took some steps to do something about it.”

— Another source says, “I worry about waking up in the morning and feeling like I’m going to get a horrible phone call.”

— A third source says, “This is 2008 all over again. There is serious fear she is either going to die or kill someone. She is abusing caffeine, Adderall, and anything she can get her hands on. She is not taking her medication, which is essential to stabilize her mood and is unknowingly trying to self-medicate with other substances, which is exacerbating her mental illness.”

— And finally, “She has unbelievable untreated trauma that with the help of therapists and specialists could put her in a much better place. An intervention is essential to make that happen.”

There is growing frustration among those who feel that an intervention is crucial for Britney’s well-being. They are disappointed that the plan was interrupted and they are determined to see it through. Despite the setback, they remain resolute in their mission to get Britney the help she needs. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story.

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