Britney Spears suffered for 13 years due to her conservatorship, which had a hard impact on her mental health. And because of that trauma and suffering, her fans and close ones are constantly worried about her mental health. With that being said, the pop star’s family and friends recently planned an intervention after they believed she was on the verge of dying.

According to TMZ, numerous sources familiar informed that Britney’s unpredictable and erratic behavior has alarmed those around her. She reportedly takes medications that “hype her up,” and she has been “flying off the handle” more frequently lately and is not taking the medications that help to keep her under control.

Britney’s close friends and the rest of her team decided to arrange an intervention because the situation had gotten so bad. “I’m afraid she’s gonna die,” a friend told TMZ.

The pop icon’s manager rented a home in the Los Angeles region for several months with the intention of taking an unprepared Britney there where her manager, husband Sam Asghari, an interventionist, and doctors would be present in an effort to persuade her she needed help. Jamie Spears and Britney’s two sons, according to reports, were not involved. The intervention was supposed to happen on Tuesday.


According to reports, Britney was supposed to stay in the rented home for up to two months while undergoing both medical care and psychological counseling. But Britney became “somewhat aware” of it and the plan had to be dropped.

It’s not known if Britney agreed to see a physician or a therapist, but according to sources, she was to visit a doc. According to reports, Britney’s appointment with the doctor on Wednesday late afternoon “went well.”

As reported earlier, Britney was acting “manic” when she was seen last month at a restaurant close to her home. In a video that TMZ was able to obtain, Britney can be heard blabbering illogically. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get more updates regarding the pop icon.

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