Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty have found themselves in hot water after their security guard recently filed a lawsuit against them. According to reports, he claimed that Kenneth punched him in the face.

The Blast reported on Friday that Thomas Weidenmuller filed new paperwork in Los Angeles seeking $753,958.51 from Minaj and Petty for damages he allegedly experienced after being victimized by Kenneth. The additional documents relate to a January 2022 lawsuit Weidenmuller filed, in which he claims battery and intentional infliction of mental anguish.

The documents state that Weidenmuller alleged that while working as a security guard for Nicki’s 2019 performance in Frankfurt, Germany, a fan broke security by avoiding a female security guard on duty while Nicki was onstage, which infuriated the rapper. The fan didn’t interfere with the performance or cause any damage, but Nicki was angry and confronted the female security guard after the performance.

Weidenmuller, who was present as the head of security, entered the conversation and asserted that Nicki had been yelling at the female guard and calling her a “f*cking b*tch.” Weidenmuller claims that the female guard apologized to Nicki but that the rapper wasn’t pleased. Minaj reportedly “threw her shoes” at the security guard, but she missed.

Weidenmuller stated in his lawsuit that he was called backstage to talk with Nicki during which, her then-boyfriend Kenneth Petty and their two other bodyguards approached him. Weidenmuller claimed that Nicki began cursing at him and claiming that he was in a relationship with the female security guard. Then, without giving him any prior notice, Petty reportedly punched him in the right side of the face.

A criminal investigation was immediately started after the police were reportedly called to the scene. According to the lawsuit, Weidenmuller “sustained a broken jaw as a result of Petty’s brutal attack” and was hospitalized for 10 days. He now has “five plates in his jaw” after undergoing eight surgeries on his face. Thirsty For News will keep you updated regarding this ongoing story.

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