Nicki Minaj repeatedly supported her husband Kenneth Petty over his sexual assault conviction from the 1990s over the past several years. In the past, Nicki has claimed that Jennifer Hough, the accuser, only stated lies about Kenneth. However, a new video of Hough talking about the statute of limitation on perjury and her decision to withdraw her story against Petty has recently emerged online.

Hough revealed how she was forced into filing complaints against Petty in the series of videos that have since leaked. She did, however, give a thorough account of her efforts to get the accusations against Petty withdrawn.

“There’s no statute of limitations on perjury. Perjury is when you lie under oath. And regardless, if I made a statement or didn’t make a statement, that is the reason why I stood up in court and I said, when the judge asked, ‘Like, yo does anybody have anything to say before he is sentenced?’ I stood up and I said, ‘Your honor, I’m the person who pressed the charges. I would like to drop the charges. I made a huge mistake. This was a –‘ this was in court. In front of his family, in front of friends, in front of everybody. Whatever. And they was like, ‘Take it to the D.A. and nobody wanted to hear shit,”

The news apparently reached Nicki Minaj, who quietly liked a tweet from a supporter pleading for justice for the Petty family. “Justice for the Petty’s!” the tweet reads.

“No wonder Nicki stood by her man side because all along she knew the truth and so did us REAL Barbz that actually followed the case and read documents and didn’t goby social media opinions but went by facts!”

The hashtag #JusticeForThePettys quickly started trending on Twitter as many demanded apologies to Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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