Blueface has made headlines lately for plenty of violent altercations with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock. The famous couple’s antics have been on display in their Zeus reality series in recent weeks. Blueface recently showed off how much money he makes per month from his OnlyFans activity.

Just recently, the Los Angeles rapper revealed his total gross income from the content subscription service was $798,800.26 via Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, his monthly earnings ranged from $22,520.00 in September 2022 to $68,426.40 in December 2022.

Blueface also took a subtle jab at other creators who have found success on the platform. He clarified that he does not show his “private parts” to his fans just to gain more attention.

If you can find a way on only fans without showing your private parts I highly recommend crazy work good salary. If you are actively on onlyfans rn subscribe to my page an dm me a free link to your page I’m following back the first 100 active users to help you get noticed an hopefully my subscribers will become your subscribers.

Side note: Nothing wrong with showing your private parts on there tho I ain’t knocking the hustle sh-t my private is online for free I’m just not promoting that to my audience none personal.

Blueface claimed his OnlyFans account had around 2,000 subscribers at its peak during an interview with Bootleg Kev in January 2022. “While I’m filming it’s $50, but in between times, probably like $25-$30. [OnlyFans] just take off their percent, so if it’s $50, they’ll take $10 off each sale, so it’s $40 … But it comes in every month though. That’s why I did the Blue Girls Club. I wanted to get an OnlyFans, but I didn’t want to show my d-ck. It’s kinda like a porn star at that point.

According to a Business Insider report from May 2021, Blueface’s reality show, Blue Girls Club, had around 4,000 subscribers and was earning $100,000 to $200,000 per month at one point. The show invited women into his home and featured physical fights, twerking, sex toys, drinking games, and matching tattoos.

Blueface isn’t the only rapper who’s had success with OnlyFans. Bhad Bhabie revealed in April 2022 that she earned $53 million from the website, of which she received $42.3 million in net revenue. You can check out the Instagram post below.

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