Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship was anything but smooth throughout 2022. The famous couple’s antics have been on display in their Zeus reality series in recent weeks. Blueface’s mom recently threatened to slap him for disrespecting her.

The feud between Rock and Blueface has been the focus of several episodes. This week, in particular, the 25-year-old met his mother, Karlissa Saffold. In one online sneak peek, the California native and his mother stepped outside to speak.

Blueface told her that she carries herself with great dignity and that he loves her because of their blood relationship. However, this is not always sufficient. “I feel like I’m more mature than you. Love you, mother, but you just not my type of woman I guess. Not my type of lady.”

In another trailer, the majority of the 25-year-old’s family gathered to confront Rock and her boyfriend. They fought over a physical altercation between the group that had previously gone viral. Blueface explained to Saffold, “If you’re 50 with little kids outside, you’re going to get into some little kid sh-t.” Saffold then yelled back at him.

If you disrespect me, and you’re my son, Jonathan, I’m gonna slap the sh-t out of you every time! I am your mother!

Blueface and Rock appeared visibly uncomfortable from the other side of the room. He then said, “I understand.” At the same time, his mother continued to yell about how they never argued before, and his sister joined in. You can watch all the drama in the video below.

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